Recipe: Royal City Double Baked Spuds

Editor’s Note: Please welcome Natasha from Purple Radish Kitchen. She’s sharing a very #MadeinNewWest recipe. 

Soggy winters, rainy springs, a few brief moments of blazing heat, then sideways rain. Fresh and local fruits and veggies are very seasonal and can be somewhat unreliable here in New Westminster.

One staple we can always count on is amazing yellow potatoes. As a chef, you may think I would hang my hat on more exotic ingredients like jackfruit or durian. Potatoes are versatile and whether baked into a casserole or cut into fries, they are welcome on any plate in my kitchen. These oft maligned bad boys are filled with great flavours and come with a bevy of vitamins and minerals: vitamin C, iron, and calcium. Continue reading “Recipe: Royal City Double Baked Spuds”