The New West Elevator Pitch

I learned about elevator pitches in grad school – we were put on the spot, standing in a box outlined on the floor in front of our class, and provoked to give a 30-second spiel about a global health issue we were passionate about. Lately I’ve been preparing gleefully for a trip to the Big Apple, and I’ve been thinking about all of the endless websites that tell you the 10 meals under $10 in NYC, “Best Vegetarian Dining in New York,” “Must see before you die in the big apple!” All seemingly designed to give you an elevator-pitch glance at this huge and vibrant city.

It got me thinking (and at long last, posting on T2F): What would New West’s elevator pitch be? Sure, it’s not a tourist attraction for most. If you were in NYC on the elevator from the top of the empire state building with a fellow tourist who asked you where YOU were from, what would you say in that 40 second moment?